“VIDEO” STORY: Common Contingencies to use to Your Advantage

– Short Form Social Media Brandable Video
– Designed for Reels / Stories / TikTok / IGTV

Change anything – Brand & use as your own
– Personalise for your brand
– Add your photo/video & logo
– Edit anything, branding, colors, text, font
– Even add your own voice over or Video intro
– Edit any part of video in Canva

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All materials can be used “As-Is” – Although we suggest you make changes (easily in Canva) so they become uniquely tailored to you.

Also available as:
– A full “Video Script” for you to record your own Video (Helps you with what to say if you want to do your own videos).

– HD format for YouTube 1920×1080
– “Post” Size format 1080×1080